You will have seen many adverts over recent weeks some as high as £4,000 and more - in our opinion this is pure greed and not breeding for the right reasons
These co-called Covid Greeders (I mean Breeders!) are highly unlikely to have used Heart Scored parents, have had USG tests (doubt they even know what this is!) and the quality of the pedigree lines very doubtful - check the Kennel Club's BREED STANDARD!!!
Anyone using our boys is advised to be around the 'normal' price if they decide not to take our advise we will NOT pass any of our waiting list on to them
We found it quite incredible that someone who has had one maybe two litters (ever) feels they have the experience and knowledge to charge almost double what the established show breeders, like ourselves charge!
Please be patient, don't encourage these 'Greeders' with your money - try and get onto a waiting list and then do that - wait!


The information below is standard PRIOR to Covid!
We do help Breeders who have used our Boys (on their approved girls) so please do get in touch (above still applies at present!)

If you send an e-mail simply asking the price your e-mail is very likely to be ignored!
Please take a little time to let us know as much information about yourselves as possible such as;
history with Boxers/other breeds, location, home and working environment etc etc.

We always help the owners of a litter sired by one of our boys to find the right forever homes (above still applies at present!)

Your email will be answered (provided the above information is included)
however PATIENCE is a virtue both in awaiting the initial reply and the right puppy being available!

Click HERE for The Kennel Club's Dog Owners Handbook

If you are successfully placed on our waiting list it is only POLITE to let us know if you find your new family member elsewhere
Our puppies are not on a conveyor belt, they are not made to order and is very frustrating when we do have a potential puppy for you
to learn that you have found one elsewhere (that in itself is no problem - not letting us know is - it only takes a minute to send an email!)


Do NOT add to your email that you would like a 'bobtail'
To achieve the 'bobtail' which can be anything from a stump to almost full length the genes of a Corgi have been crossed with the Boxer gene
We do NOT have any mixed genes in our puppies - you will also note we do not allow our boys to be used on bobtail bitches!

It is of the utmost importance to us that any Newlaithe dog is homed for life

A few of our own previous litters

Moley (now Burt) & Oliver posing

Feeding time

Enjoying their fluffy bed
Newlaithe Puppies


Typical litters sired by our Stud Dogs (not here with ourselves)

Photo courtesy of S Reynolds
The same litter all grown up on a family meet-up day (plus the Mum on the right) 12 Months on!

Photo courtesy of Sally Winter the proud owner of Freddie pictured second from the right and on the initial photo far right

A lovely litter sired by one of our boys who had to be hand-reared due to the tragic loss of their Mum
Beautifully reared by Bev & her family

We are both members of The Northern Boxer Club (currently Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer)
We adhere to Boxer Breed Council's, The Northern Boxer Club's and The Kennel Club's Code of Conduct
Kennel Club Assured Breeder with the Accolade of Excellence

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