As we receive so many wonderful photos from both Newlaithe bred puppies or have Newlaithe in their breeding
they will now be shown in the year received

All previous photos safely archived for your perusal

A selection of photos we received over the Christmas period of Newlaithe dogs
Either bred here or sired by one of our boys

George, Miss-Chiff & Maggie

Max, Alba, Amber, Boo, a Dooglebug son & George

Poppy, A Bug On son & Millie

Wanda, Max & Lola

Casper, Dude & Ghost

Lucie, Sophie & the Spenglers

Ghost, Buddy & Tess, Meg & Fancy

Dexter & a Leonardo daughter


A Dooglebug daughter bred by Val Sutton
Owned by Kelly & family

Sully Gibson

A handsome son of On Target & Stolen Melody
Boo Ballantyne

A Dooglebug son
Lola & Buzz

Lola is a Bug On daughter & Buzz a Dooglebug Son
The mum of both these gorgeous ones a Manolo daughter
Now owned by Paul & Hazel
Dime Allan

A Dooglebug Son enjoying park life!
Betsy Lawrence & her best friend

A Bug On daughter bred by Alan Brown
Dude Watson

A Dooglebug Son bred by Claire Kay
Lucie Hayes-Wallace

Lucianna x Pure Didly Dokely

Lincoln Binns

A Dooglebug son bred by Val Sutton
As a baby and now almost 12 months - doesn't quite fit on the same Bean Bag anymore!

Angel Shelby Metcalfe

Magic Wand x Bug On
Buckley Rupert King

Lucianna x Pure Didly Dokely
Bonnie & Grace Routledge

Bonnie (Milion Dreams x Dooglebug)
Grace (Magic Wand x Bug On)
Daisie Griffiths

Magic Wand x Bug On

Poppy Spanswick (bred by Alan Brown)

Bug On daughter
Wanda Webb

Magic Wand x Bug On
Lexi Masters learning lots ....
Mabel (bred by Jake Green)
Stanley Dunstan (front left) & Pals
Stanley & Pals
Max Smith & Alba
Max & Alba
Boycie Longhurst
Meg Cope
Jackson & Grim (USA)
Harvey Smith

A few Christmassy photos received

Bruno Newsome & Bonnie Routledge

Ghost, Buddy & Tess Hattersley


Kasper Stewart