As we receive so many wonderful photos from both Newlaithe bred puppies or have Newlaithe in their breeding
they will now be shown in the year received

All previous photos safely archived for your perusal

A selection of photos recevied over the Christmas period

Our very own Patches sporting the Christmas look and then some of the clan looking rather festive!

Cujo McMahon

Suits x Diddle On Son
Diego Sainsbury

A Gingernut son and chilling with his bestie Barbie
Lucie & Alice Hayes-Wallace
A Dooglebug daughter with her new best friend a Leonardo daughter
Isla Jones

Lanfrese Suits daughter

Nelson Barlow

Lanfrese Suits Newlaithe Son
Harry Knight

Litter brother to Didley Dokely
Betty Phalanx

A Wheels On Fire daughter
Lola Manville

A Wheels On Fire daughter

A Conjuror daughter

A Dooglebug Son enjoying the Scottish views
Anna Bannister

A CH Pure Target daughter
Krystal Beck

A CH Pure Target daughter
Lincoln & Cash Binns

Dorothy Gabbitas

A CH Pure Target daughter with her new Bestie Ted
Betty Phelanx

A Wheels On Fire daughter
Floyd Ho

A Dooglebug Son enjoying life in Hong Kong
Varadero McKoy

A Wheels On Fire daughter
Bonnie & Grace Routledge

Dooglebug x Milion Dreams and Bug On x Magic Wand daughters

Celebrating her birthday in Canada
Bella Jackson

A Conjuror daughter
Betty & Mum

Betty (left) is a Dooglebug daughter pictured here with her Mum
Kasper Stewart

A Dooglebug son taking everything in his stride

A CH On Target Son
Mabel Barnes

A Leonardo daughter, owned by Rebecca & family
Cleo Nash

A dooglebug daughter
Owned by Sarah & family

With his pals Basil & Parlsey
Milion Dreams litter brother