As we receive so many wonderful photos from both Newlaithe bred puppies or have Newlaithe in their breeding
they will now be shown in the year received

All previous photos safely archived for your perusal


A selection of photos sent to us over Christmas 2020 - just lovely to see














Levi Clayton

A Champion Dooglebug son
Owned and adored by one side of the Clayton family
Cooper Clayton

Litter brother to Levi
Owned by the other side of the Clayton family
Higgins & Georgie Thomas

A Champion Dooglebug son
Owned and loved by the Thomas family
Reeva Ganley

A Champion Dooglebug son with her pals
Owned and adored by the Ganleys
Koda Drew

A Diddle On daughter enjoying life in Bermuda
Owned and loved by the Drew family
Arthur Philbrook

A Leonardo son bred by the Blackburn family
Owned and adored by Sarah & her family
Red Evans

A Leonardo daughter bred by the Blackburn family
Owned and adored by Shelly and her family
Diego & Barbie

Diego celebrating his second birthday - he has now emigrated to Canada with his family and best friend Barbie

With his older best pal Grim in Atlanta
Betty Phelan

A Wheels On Fire Daughter
Jax Hunt

A Bug On Son with his new best mate
Georgia & Finlay Rayner

A Conjuror daughter and a Manolo son
Both owned and adored by Louise
Peggy Kirby

A Dooglebug daughter
Higgins Thomas

A Dooglebug son (with a fab name!)
Ziggy Lyon

A Wandara son
Mabel Lum-Clark

A Dooglebug daughter
Sprout Robson

A Wandara daughter

Ella Roche

A Wandara daughter

Bruce Kennedy

Delighted to have been sent these photos of Bruce who was a Rhinegold Son (Ryan)
Officially know as Newlaithe Hot Fan
Tilly Wilson

A Dooglebug daughter
Bruce Harriman (aka Sausage)

A Dooglebug son
Litter brother to our own Snuggle Bug (Sophie)
Hank Bond

A Wandara son

Vinnie Vaulkhard with his new best friend

A Wandara son

Celebrating his 6th birthday
Bruce & Molly Batty

Molly (Dooglebug daughter) with her big-brother

Ruby Hall

A Dooglebug daughter

The spitting image of her father!